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You seem to rewrite history as it suits you, as everything you state is false... with exception of the German transvestite thing which may or may not be valid. Soothing tea would possibly help you.

Quote from: Anonymous on June 24, 2013, 07:31:30 AM

You have to be an American I know who she is you fucking turd, what do you think the internet is for you Moron. Don't you have Sarcasm in your country? My God you're so fucking stupid.

must be a german

 Hi. How you mood?
 You are surprised to receive from me the letter. I hope that for you it is
 a pleasant surprise. Likely you now sit and think "where I have found yours
 I have addressed in serious attitudes agency. This serious agency which
 co-operates with many dating sites and has the big client base.
 To me have offered some questionnaires of men. Thus I have received yours
 I want to learn about you. My name is Kseniya. To me of 28 years. I am
 officially dissolved. I have a son to which 5 years.
 I very much love children. I work as the manager in children's studio of
 dance.  I hope that we can get acquainted more close. I search for the
 decent man which is ready to establish with me a family.
 I want  to have true relations. I send you the photo that you knew who to
 you writes.
 If you have become interested in me you can write on my e-mail:
 I with impatience will wait your answer.
 Take care , Kseniya


 Nor can I abide the constant use of elbow-in-the-ribs foreshadowing to "lure" the reader through a story that moves at the pace of a narcotized snail.


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